Optional One Day Cleaning for Quinta Teca

01/19/2020 | by Gabriel Rocha |

$55.00 including IVA (VAT)



Note: your reservation cost only includes the exit cleaning and, if staying for more than 7 nights, a light weekly cleaning.

The cost indicated here is for one (1) day of light cleaning (about 1 – 2 hours time). The available hours are from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Please select the number of days you would like to book the optional cleaning for and add a note to let us know which days you would like the service.  Please also specify the earliest time to arrive. Once the housekeeper(s) arrive, they must be let into the property within 5 minutes.  Rescheduling at the last minute carries an extra cost.

This optional daily cleaning consists of:

  • light cleaning of floors, counters and bathrooms
  • light overall dusting
  • change of sheets and towels if requested or required (otherwise, they will be changed every other day)
  • making beds
  • replacing toilet paper and personal soap, if needed

It does not include the following services (you can request these separately for an additional cost to be agreed)

  • Heavy cleaning of kitchen utensils and grill
  • Washing of personal laundry
  • Replacing guest amenities other than toilet paper and personal soap

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