Jacó 2019 Carnivals will come with the best in entertainment and sports

Jacó will have a party during its first Carnival from July 4 to 8, 2019. The area, already boasting so many tourist offerings, will offer even more fun, both to locals and visitors from elsewhere in Costa Rica and abroad. The event was announced by the Municipality of Garabito which aims to provide new entertainment […]

06/07/2019 | by Gabriel Rocha | 1 Comment Events Local Area

Earth Day 2019- please protect the Earth while you’re on vacation too

Hi everyone! This is our first post and I’m happy that it’s on Earth Day 2019 because I wanted to let you know about the things we’re currently trying to do here at BEACHHOME Costa Rica Vacation Rentals to alleviate our impact on our planet and our local environment. I would also like to share […]

04/22/2019 | by Gabriel Rocha | No Comments Environmental Protection Vacation Rentals
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