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Thank you for considering our Vacation Rental Property Management Services for your property. Please read the summary below but, most importantly, please get in touch with me to talk about our services in more detail and to offer you a custom-tailored solution for you and your vacation property.

Gabriel E. Rocha Adames
Rock Property Management S.A.


Cell phone: +506 8886-1941

Whatsapp: +506 8886-1941

Our Mission:

To be the best property and rental management provider in the areas we cover, through honest and personalized services, as well as with the use of leading technology, that maximizes our homeowners’ return on their investment and satisfies the needs of our rental guests.

We understand you have choices for Vacation Rental Property management services so,

Why should you choose Rock Properties for your Property Management and Vacation Rental needs over others or over a do-it-yourself solution?

  1. We keep our business relationships personal; you are not just another client. We view our homeowners more as business partners rather than just clients.

  1. We have catered to thousands of satisfied rental guests, as shown in the reviews on our website (see each property) and on booking websites, such as:

  1. We have earned Superhost™ status on Airbnb® and Premier Host™ on VRBO® consistently for years. That means your property would gain the same status automatically when you list it with us.

  1. Our vacation rental website displays your property beautifully and boasts search engines and availability calendars, just like the major booking sites. Plus, it allows customers to book online at any time and displays plenty of content that travelers are looking for.

  1. We have agreements with all major OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and traditional Travel Agents, and we are present on social media (Facebook & Instagram) to increase the exposure of your property both online and offline.

  1. We understand and cater to your individual needs and requirements to maintain your property in the best condition possible, while maximizing revenue for you (not just occupancy).

  1. We request a security deposit from renters to protect your property, not just a paper swipe of their credit card (or nothing at all) as most other companies do. We can work with your preferences for types of renters, such as families-only.

  1. We have a fair and bracketed commission structure that allows you to keep most of the revenue. We welcome leads from proactive owners.

  1. Our founder and General Manager has decades of management and entrepreneurial experience and an international (Mexico-Switzerland-Costa Rica) high-end Hotel Management background with very high standards.

  1. We help you navigate the legal and tax obligations of your rental business so you can stay on the right side of the law and eliminate the headache of non-compliance.

  1. We have experienced office personnel, and we use qualified and vetted third-party contractors for all maintenance and cleaning services. This means we work with motivated entrepreneurs who can provide a better service at a better cost than most employees working in maintenance and cleaning positions.

  1. Unlike other Property Management companies, we do not mark-up everyday third-party services or the purchases of supplies for your property, and only in very specific situations (a large job or those requiring a significant amount of our time, usually 5-10% or a low hourly fee).

  1. Unlike other Property Management companies, we do not commingle your funds with those of other homeowners. Instead, we help you open a dedicated bank account under your name (or your corporation’s name) in US dollars at the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (the country’s largest bank).

  1. We use a specialized best-in-class online software to handle all aspects of the property management business, from bookkeeping to rental synchronizing with major listing websites such as Airbnb®, Vrbo®, TripAdvisor® and®, among others. Through this software, you as an owner can login to check on your property, reserve dates and retrieve income and expenses reports, among other things.

In summary, we work hard so you don’t have to. And we work smartly and proactively so you can benefit.

How do we work?

Our services are divided into two areas:

1. Residential Property Management

Property Management services with an affordable flat monthly fee that keeps the property in excellent condition.

Our direct Property Management services include

  • Weekly property visits and inspections with photographs
  • Minor repairs and minor preventative maintenance
  • Bill payments: from electricity through taxes, to anything related to the property
  • Purchases of everyday supplies and home items for the property, without mark-up
  • Supervision of contracted vendors and service personnel
  • Detailed monthly income and expense statements

The services provided through our contracted vendors are:

  • Property maintenance: preventative and repairs
  • Property upgrades and renovations
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pool & Gardening Services
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Fumigation Services
  • Accounting and Tax filing services

2. Vacation Rental Management

Rental management service based on commissions; so we only make money when you make money. This is the bulk of our revenue.

Our Rental Management services include:

  • Marketing’s 4 P’s: Price, Positioning, Publicity and Promotion
    • Price: determining your property’s price point and seasonal fluctuations
    • Positioning: to whom and how are we marketing your property?
    • Publicity: online on social media and through interactive property signs
    • Promotion: direct email and Whatsapp messages
  • Assisting renters during the reservation process: Phone, Email, Whatsapp, OTA chats
  • Collecting advance rent deposits: All credit cards, Bank Transfers
  • Collecting and refunding (or forfeiting) real security deposits
  • Checking-in renters and introducing them to the property in person
  • Customer service and concierge for renters and homeowners
  • Monitoring to ensure clients are satisfied and property is being respected
  • Inspecting the property upon check-out
  • Requesting and responding to guest reviews

At the end of the day, we are confident that you will not find a more prepared and committed team of individuals working for you. However, please don’t take our word for it, instead ask people around town for their opinion on us: realtors, lawyers, contractors and even our competition.

I look forward to discussing your needs and objectives for your vacation rental property.

Gabriel E. Rocha Adames
Rock Property Management S.A.

For information on how to list your vacation rental property with us, please contact me at:


Cell phone: +506 8886-1941

Whatsapp: +506 8886-1941

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