We are adapting to an ever changing travel environment to better serve you.

During this downtime, we are still here for you. Please contact us through any means. We’d love to know what your concerns are for your next vacation in Costa Rica. We will continue to ensure our properties meet the highest quality and health standards. We are ready to host you when you are.

Since the global situation with the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is evolving day by day, we have implemented a new temporary flexible change policy so you can adjust your travel plans without worry during these uncertain times.

What you need to know

Vacation Home Safety

This is what we’re doing to minimize infections and provide you peace of mind during your stay with us:

  • We’re cleaning and disinfecting our homes top to bottom at every check-out, according to the recommendations made by the CDC.
  • Daily cleaning, whether optional or included, must be performed while every guest is out of the property, to ensure social distancing.  Our cleaning staff wears disposable masks and gloves to prevent infection.
  • Our maintenance staff avoids visiting during your stay or maintains social distance when performing their routine work, such as pool care.

Flexible Changes at any time prior to arrival

Flexible change policy for new bookings

We want you to book with confidence and we have implemented the following flexible change policy for all new vacation rental reservations booked from April 15, 2020 to June 30, 2020 for stays between April 16, 2020 through December 15, 2020:

  • $0 one-time fee waiver for changes at any time prior to your arrival due to a Covid-19 related travel restriction that makes it impossible for you to stay during the booked dates. We are not processing refunds to original form of payment at this time.
  • We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance for all other reasons that may prevent you from traveling.
  • If you do not immediately choose a new set of dates, the value of the cancelled booking will be held as credit for as long as you need until you do choose them.
  • If the new booking dates have a higher value, a difference in price will apply and you will have to pay it by the due date of the last payment. If the new price is lower the difference is forfeited.
  • After your $0 one-time change, our normal change and cancellation policy will apply.

Please contact us  to change or cancel your booking. If you initially booked through a third party, please contact your travel agent directly.

Situation in Costa Rica


Traveling to Costa Rica is easy and open to residents of all countries if you know the steps to follow before your trip. Please check the latest entry requirements by visiting the Costa Rican government’s official site for information on entry requirements for foreign visitors: .

As of October 26th, 2020 foreign tourists coming to Costa Rica are required to:

1) Complete a Health Pass prior to boarding your flight

The Health Pass can be found at this link You can select English from the dropdown menu at the top on the right. This form must be filled out by each individual traveler prior to boarding. Be sure to have your passport and flight information on hand.

2) Purchase medical insurance

You can purchase insurance from the following places:

  • You may use your own international policy that covers COVID-19 medical expenses of at least $50,000 as well as $2,000 for lodging in case of falling ill and need to quarantine for 14 days.
  • INS, Costa Rica’s state insurance company. Their English language page can be found here.
  • Sagicor, a private Costa Rican insurance company, which offers the easiest and least expensive option. You can visit their user friendly website, which is in English. Their premium varies depending on your length of stay, so the longer you stay the less the daily rate is. For example, if you plan on staying for 30 days, the premium is $309. If you stay for 60 days, the premium is $504, and if you stay for the maximum time permitted for tourists, 90 days, the premium is $711.

Both steps 1 and 2 above should be completed prior to departure to avoid any issues during your travels.

As of October 26 Costa Rica will no longer require a negative PCR COVID test to enter the country. Starting November 1 Costa Rica's borders will open to all countries worldwide.

Path of Covid-19 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s swift early action to contain the virus and efficient health care system is currently paying off with a reduced number of infections and a very low mortality rate.  The country’s 4.9 million inhabitants have, for the most part, respected personal hygiene, physical distancing and stay-at-home recommendations, even though there was never a legally imposed curfew.

After banning the entry of all incoming foreign nationals on March 18th, 2020, the country allowed all healthy visitors to leave freely, and almost all airlines kept operating long enough to repatriate all those who wanted to leave.

Costa Rica has been gradually opening its borders to the rest of the world and starting November 1 borders will open to all countries worldwide.

Restaurants are operating at 50% capacity through 10:00 pm, while some others are offering take-out only. Supermarkets are pharmacies were never closed, and are now operating with normal closing hours (currently 10:00 pm). Grocery, food and medicine delivery is being widely used. There has been no shortage of food or cleaning/desinfecting products. Even bars have reopened, though with restricted operating hours (currently 10:00 pm).

The government has adopted a strategy of “Costa Rica works and protects itself” to allow the economy to function normally while taking care of its population. Infrared temperature checks, face masks (at least cloth) are mandatory in all indoor places and distancing of 2 meters between is enforced. Disinfecting alcohol is required to be available at all public facing businesses and some even provide wash basins with soap at the entrance.

Evolution of Covid-19 in Costa Rica

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