Grocery shopping services

Let us do the shopping for you, either before or during your stay.

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Grocery pre-stocking prior to arrival

If you have a late arrival or you simply would prefer to start enjoying your stay right away and would like to have food, snacks, and beverages ready at your vacation rental home upon arrival, we can assist you with that. Just send us a list of what you need, with as much detail as possible including quantities and preferred brands.

Our service fee is 20% of the total cost when you pay in cash, or 25% when you pay with PayPal (you can use any credit card). The minimum service fee is US$25. To ensure freshness, we shop the same day of your arrival, and we collect payment after your arrival.

Step 1: To easily create your own grocery shopping list click one of the following links. They will take you to third-party websites that are outside of our control. Neither will request any personal information to create your list.

Step 2: Once finished selecting all your grocery items please either:

a) Click to print it and manually add all necessary details such as quantities, brands, and others. Then please send us the list via email or WhatsApp to request the service.


b) Copy and paste your list onto the form below:

  • Press Ctrl+A, which selects all text,
  • then press Ctrl+C, which copies all to clipboard,
  • then press Ctrl+V to paste onto the Grocery List box below.
  • then add all necessary details such as quantities, brands, and others.

Step 3: Fill out the form below and click Send.

Request Groceries

Request Groceries


Grocery delivery on demand

If you’re already at your vacation rental home and would like to have groceries delivered so you don’t have to go out, our friends at can help you with that. They are different from regular supermarkets in that they source many of their products from local suppliers around the Jacó area. They also have your regular items of course and if it’s not in their online store just let them know and they’ll search it for you.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay anything upfront. They will charge you on delivery, and you can choose to pay in cash or with credit card, and even PayPal. Grocery Shopping

Click here to order your groceries online and pay upon delivery. Mention “I saw you on beachhome” when ordering.

Or use the form below to request the service.

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