Earth Day 2019- please protect the Earth while you’re on vacation too

04/22/2019 | by Gabriel Rocha | Environmental Protection Vacation Rentals

Hi everyone! This is our first post and I’m happy that it’s on Earth Day 2019 because I wanted to let you know about the things we’re currently trying to do here at BEACHHOME Costa Rica Vacation Rentals to alleviate our impact on our planet and our local environment. I would also like to share some of the simple things you can do while on vacation.

  • We encourage our guests to separate recyclables from organics in separate bins or bags.
  • We just started placing boxes where you can place your used batteries, which are recyclable as well, instead of throwing them in the garbage where they’ll pollute underwater streams.
  • We encourage our owners to install energy-efficient LEDs lightbulbs and Inverter air-conditioners. We collect and dispose of mercury-laden fluorescent lightbulbs properly, by taking them back to the distributor or manufacturer.
  • You can also help when on vacation here in Costa Rica by not using the single use plastic bags and instead opting to place your groceries in reusable bags. Also use them for fruit and vegetables, instead of those flimsy clear plastic bags.
  • Another way to help is to not leave air conditioners running while the doors and windows are open. No matter how efficient the unit, it’s always wasteful to do so.
  • Also, if you smoke, never throw your butts anywhere but in a proper bin.  Keep in mind that the butts are made of plastic and end up in the ocean, where animals confuse them with food.

Happy Earth Day!


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